Gain BBC iPlayer In Canada or anywhere else in the world

Have you been trying to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK? Well, look no further since it has never been easier. Whether you are located in Germany, Canada, Australia, the US, Netherlands, or Spain, we can help you out. Get connected in less than thirty seconds with no obligations.

Getting BBC iPlayer outside the UK

To access BBC iPlayer, all you need is a computer and Internet connection. We can do the rest. Follow the two instructions below and you’ll be streaming BBC iPlayer no matter where you are in the world:

1. Sign up for a Streaming VPN account (trial or paid is fine, but the trial is limited to 5 minutes for 5 connections whereas the paid account is unlimited). To be ultra user friendly, we do not require any credit card information and signing up takes only 10 seconds.
2. Connect to one of the UK servers (as shown in the Setup Page and Members Area) and go to

For those that are unaware of what BBC iPlayer (also commonly referred to as iPlayer) is, it is the preeminent Internet television and radio player produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. They produce not only UK news, but also global news, which lays out the facts in an unbiased way. Millions around the world watch it and stream it on a daily basis. You can use your computer (including PCs, linux and macs) and all your mobile platforms (including iPads, Androids, and Windows-based devices).

How it works is that the VPN (virtual private network) basically gives your computer a UK-based IP address so BBC iPlayer thinks you are streaming content from the UK even if you are in Austria, Australia, Germany, Spain, Portugal or Canada. Likewise, if you want to stream US content anywhere in the world, you just connect to a US server. It’s as simple as that.

There are also peripheral benefits to a Streaming VPN account which go beyond the being able to stream BBC iPlayer. With Streaming VPN, you can:

  • Watch any UK online programming (including football stations)
  • Listen to all your UK radio stations
  • Stream all your US programming (including the ability to stream hulu, MTV, ABC, NBC, Pandora, and spotify)
  • Maximum Internet security with 128-bit encryption to protect all your online passwords
  • Switch between US and UK servers at no extra cost

Do not delay your decision. Go to to sign up for an account. Try it today for free and get your fill of streaming BBC iPlayer outside the UK no matter where you are.