Watch BBC iPlayer in USA

Watching BBC iPlayer in the USA has never been easier. As a non-technical person with very limited computer abilities, I was able to watch BBC iPlayer in the USA (specifically, right here in Little Rock, Arkansas).

I formerly lived in the UK for five years before moving where I was able to enjoy BBC iPlayer with no restrictions. Now a days, when I connect to the amazing service, I get this message “BBC iPlayer is restricted to users in the UK”.

That's when I discovered the benefits of a UK-based VPN.

With a UK-based VPN, I have been able to get all the best UK content (including BBC iPlayer) in the USA.

At first, I was worried about the connection complexities, but within 45 seconds, I was watching the BBC iPlayer in the USA. Essentially, I signed up for a Streaming VPN account and connected to one of their UK-based servers. I could not believe how easy it was to stream BBC iPlayer in the USA.

I tried multiple other servers, but realized that only Streaming VPN had the capabilities and server speed to support streaming BBC iPlayer in the USA. I've recommended this service to a number of friends around the world who have had the same excellent feedback. Have a great time getting BBC iPlayer wherever you are.

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