Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

News is power and power is news. As we become a more global economy where everything is increasingly intertwined, we must keep up with current events and more importantly, broad based news.

One of the best sources of getting news and keeping up to date with current events with an unbiased perspective is BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer has been around for as long as anyone can remember covering everything from the Queen's inauguration to the birth of the precious Royal Baby.

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is typically limited to those who are physically located in the United Kingdom (UK).

However, with the use of a VPN (virtual private network), one is able to access BBC iPlayer abroad regardless of your physical location including Germany, Switzerland, Japan and even the sub-Saharan Africa. Getting BBC iPlayer abroad is as simple as connecting to a UK-based VPN so that your computer tricks BBC iPlayer into thinking you are currently living in the UK.

There are two preconditions to finding the right VPN to stream BBC iPlayer. First, the VPN provider must have a UK-based server. Second, the server must be fast enough for you to stream BBC iPlayer abroad.

At Streaming VPN, we pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality UK servers (multiple) where streaming BBC iPlayer is simple and easy. Even if you aren't a technology wizard, you'll be able to watch BBC iPlayer abroad in less than 30 seconds. Try us now for free.