How to set up Streaming VPN on MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard (and Lion).

1. Open System Preferences (select the Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner and System
Preferences will be the fourth option from the top)

Select System Preferences

2. Select 'Network' under the 'Internet and Wireless' category

Select Network

3. Click the + icon on the sidebar

+ icon

4. Selecting the VPN Type:
a. As the Interface, select 'VPN'
b. As the VPN Type, select 'PPTP'
c. As the Service Name, enter 'Streaming VPN'

VPN Type

5. Configuring the default settings:
a. Leave the Configuration drop-down option as 'Default'
b. Server Address: Go to Members Areafor IP addresses
c. Account Name: your Streaming VPN username (e.g.
d. If you are the only user of your machine: Select 'Authentication Settings' and enter
your Streaming VPN password under 'Password' Click 'OK' (Otherwise, leave this password field
blank. Connecting each time will then prompt you for your password)
e. If not already selected, select 'Show VPN status in menu bar'.

Configuration setting

6. Click 'Apply'

7. Click 'Advanced'.
8. Click Check box to 'Send all traffic over VPN' Connection. Then Click 'OK'
Send all traffic over the VPN

9. You may now securely connect via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection to Streaming VPN by clicking 'Connect'