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Streaming VPN Makes It Possible To Watch BBC iPlayer in the US


British media networks make their TV channels as well as TV shows available on the Internet, but UK media streaming websites offering these TV shows are restricted to the residents of the UK only and are not accessible outside the nation. There are many people on foreign tours, or people who emigrated from UK, miss their favorite TV shows that are easily accessible in their home country. UK media streaming service like BBC iPlayer is Geo-blocked due to some media and government policies.  In technical terms, BBC iPlayer uses Geo-blocking parameters to block outside netizens from accessing their TV shows outside the United Kingdom. As a result, you are unable to watch BBC outside the British Kingdom.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get around this problem, as this is the best alternative that makes it feasible to watch BBC iPlayer in the US and elsewhere. Streaming VPN is a one stop destination from where you can get secure and speedy VPN connection by paying just $5.30 a month. With a VPN in place, you can bypass the restrictions, overcome Geo-blocking settings, and watch your favorite UK TV shows from any part of the world, even while globe-trotting.

BBC iPlayer In The US Is Just Three Steps Away

Step 1Sign up to create and activate a Streaming VPN account
Step 2 – Connect to our dedicated UK server.
Step 3 – Log on to, and enjoy streaming BBC iPlayer abroad.

Upsides Of Using A VPN

Multifarious benefits are associated with virtual private networks as they not only enable you to get unrestricted, uninterrupted access to blocked sites like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Netflix, etc., but also ensures extended and an extra layer of security. VPN creates a virtual firewall for protecting your data from hackers, sniffers, or other external sources in the cyberspace who try to attack your computer. By using a VPN, you can also prevent any kind of privacy invasion and browse anonymously without leaving any digital footprints behind.

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Apr 9, 2013