How does all this work?
We provide a tunnel between your computer and our servers which are located in the United States and the United Kingdom. Once this happens, your computer looks like it's surfing from the US or UK thereby giving you the necessary online identification to access US and UK sites such as facebook, YouTube, twitter, pandora, BBC iPlayer and hulu.

I cannot seem to be able to access US or UK sites.  Please help!
Don't worry - make sure you are connecting to the UK server ( for UK sites and the US server ( for US sites.  It's easy!  When connecting with the Streaming VPN Installer, select 'Properties' and use the 'VPN Destination' drop-down to select a UK or US server.

Will Streaming VPN slow down my computer or mobile platform?
Absolutely NOT!  US and UK sites will generally be faster, whereas local websites (those hosted in your country) may be slightly slower. Use our free trial to give it a shot.  You'll see exactly what we mean.

Help! I cannot see any of the servers using the installer!
Make sure you extract the VPN.exe from the zip file before opening it.  Otherwise, the list of servers will come up blank.

Can I use your VPN to replace my ISP?
Unfortunately not. You need an existing Internet connection to make all this magic happen.  Your internet connection is more secure after being connected to the VPN, but it does not replace your ISP. 

Will Streaming VPN work with my computer or mobile phone's operating system?
Streaming VPN works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS (any version),VPN on iPhone, iPad and Android.

If you use Windows Vista, you will need administrator access to the computer. Most individual users have this, though some corporate users may not. If you run into any problems during setup, just email us and we'll switch your account to a different protocol that doesn't require administrator access. In other words: we'll make it work, no worries.

How much does is this all going to cost?
Streaming VPN is priced from US$4.85 per month.  No other VPN services can match our cost, security and connection speed.

Can I have a trial account?
For sure - a trial is what we WANT to give you so you can ensure you are getting what you need.  Just click here to register and get connected today.  Please note a trial is limited to 5 connections for 5 minutes, whereas a paid account is unlimited.

I signed up and can't connect to your server.
Scroll down to figure out the error. 

Can I use Streaming VPN on multiple computers or mobile phones?
Yes, you can configure Streaming VPN on as many computers or mobile phones as you would like.  However, you can only connect to the VPN one device at a time. If you'd like more than one to be using the VPN simultaneously, you need to get an additional account. Try us out before getting multiple accounts - we guarantee you'll love it!

How do I setup the VPN?
Please view our setup tutorial page for Windows operating system. Scroll down for Mac, Linux iPad, iPhone, and Android setup instructions.  If you still need help, please contact us and we'll be sure to help you out as soon as possible.

Help me change my password please?
Click here to change your password.

Security and Privacy

How secure is Streaming VPN?